Partakan 2015


Motorcycle riders from all around the country rode all the way to Sta. Ana, Cagayan for the 2015 Partakan Ride and Rock Festival on May 2-3, 2015. The event took place in an untouched beach covered with white sand, and emerging sandbars during low tide: the Pozo Robo Beach in Sta. Ana, Cagayan where the international show Survivor filmed two editions: the Blood vs Water edition and the latest installment, Survivor Cagayan.

Partakan is a word that came from the word “partak” an Ilocano word for speed. Partakan Festival is the first and only ride and rock festival in the country. This event aims to provide a venue for riders to enjoy and unite and also to promote moto-tourism. The event is headed by Ropali Motorcycles, one of the biggest motorcycle dealers in the country with over 120 branches nationwide and distributes brands like Honda, Kymco, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, KTM, CPI-Taiwan, Royal Enfield, and the only distributor of Ural Motorcycle.


Riders became campers, as well, as the event offered free campsites for everyone. A day before the event officially started, several riders already built their own tents and spend their time beside the beach. Moreover, a press conference was held at the Cagayan Holiday and Leisure Resorts on May 1, 2015.

The event encompassed several activities from survivor games to free test rides that gave all the riders both adrenaline rush and relaxation. Several rider clubs competed against each other in the Survivor Games where almost all the clubs received prizes with the fastest times for each stage of the obstacle course while the grand winner received more than P15,000. Riders who wore complete safety gear were able to test ride the new Yamaha XTZ 125 in a 2-kilometer rough road within the location.

The night was filled with all kinds of music with overflowing raffle prizes from different sponsors. Several bands performed such as Pinkcow, Buzzerbeaters, Spell Juan, Peace Mielarma, Traitors, Turncoats, and the Chongkeys as the main band for the night. In between band performances were raffle draws where a lot of participants won apparels and helmets. To top off, Ropali Motorcycles, courtesy of its sponsors, raffled 4 brand new motorcycles: 2 CPI Tykes, 1 Kymco KPR, 1 Suzuki Shooter, and the grand prize Yamaha XTZ 125.


This event would not be successful without the help of our partners: Kawasaki, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kymco, CPI-Taiwan, as well as KYT, FDR, Motul and History Channel. The continuous support of our media partners such as C! Magazine, Inside Racing, Motorcycle World, MotorsikloNews Magazine, Inside Motoring, Stoplight TV, Radyo Uno, and MotorsikloExclusibo also made this event one-of-a-kind. Truly, the Partakan Festival proved its name origin and so much more. Sure we all cannot wait for next year’s only Ride and Rock Festival, Partakan 2016!

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